Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poor Peppers Painful Paws

I tore one of my toenails jumping up into the van the other day and Mum and Dad had to take me to the Vet and have it removed.

They decided to have my dew claws removed while I was under the anesthetic.

Daddy might not get scratched so much now when we have a play together.

I was very sore for a few days till I got my stitches out, but I was a good girl and got lots of sympathy from everyone who saw my new socks - they said that I looked cute.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nature watch - Osprey

A Family of Osprey and their nest at the inlet at Tweed Heads.

Eileen and I stood and watched them for quite some time, they are amazing.

Great to see them soar on the thermals and they catch their prey plunging in feet first. Very strong tallons and feet.

A Seafood Platter

As Eileen is allergic to crustaceans, I don't get to eat them often.   When we learnt that our friend Dave had the same allergy and his wife Linda was in a similar predicament to myself, we decided to share one for Sunday lunch.