Saturday, October 20, 2012

Annual CMCA Rally - Boonah QLD 2012

Although we did not attend this rally, Eileen and I decided to go have a look see at what these events are all about.

We had a plesant drive from Wakerley and upon arriving at Boonah were amazed by the number of Motorhomes and Fifth Wheelers parked in the Showgrounds.

Boonah is a lovely town located in the Senic Rim and the surrounding country is loaded with exciting places to explore.

The day was extremly hot and Pepper was not enjoying the heat, so after a brief look around at the many different rigs, we decided to find a little park just outside of town for a quiet lunch in the shade.

There were quite a few Rigs that caught my attention but the one that really stood out for me was one from my first home town in Australia - Caboolture.

All in all - a good day for all.