Friday, February 28, 2014

Building the Tray - Part 6

Its been a very busy couple of weeks since I last updated this project and I am pleased to say that I am beginning to see the fruits of my labor.

I took a couple of rostered days off Monday and Tuesday which gave me a good run with all of the cutting, bending and welding that was required.

While we have added a fair bit of weight with all of the steel, I have to say that the truck drives much better now (read smoother).  Perhaps I am a little biased, but I also think that it is looking good also.

The next stage will be the cutting folding and fitting of the storage locker doors and hardware and the slide out shelves.

I got a quote this week to get the tray sandblasted prior to painting and I need to get this done in the next three weeks.

Eileen has set a deadline to be on the road by the end of May so the pressure is on as I have a lot of work to do on the van as well.

Stay tuned......

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Building the Tray - Part 5

Work on the build has been slow and not without a few problems.   Working five days a week and still trying to maintain some semblance of a social life leaves so little time to do all of the work that is required – however the job is progressing and beginning to take shape.

After installing the wheel arches and tray floor (which I forgot to take photos of), the next step was to fit the outer guards surrounding the tray floor and half of the back wall of the storage locker.  All of this went very well and I managed to get the work finished in the day and a half I had at my disposal.

 Last weekend I only had the Sunday to work on the build and spent most of the morning with Paul (my brother-in-law) at his work cutting and bending the sheet metal for the panels.  In the afternoon I was able to get most of the right hand side completed and the storage boxes are starting to take shape.

I think that I am about half way to completion and Eileen and I are so looking forward to our maiden trip with this rig.