Monday, January 9, 2012

Old School Friends - Tangalooma

For the last three days we have had the pleasure of entertaining and catching up with one of Eileens school friends from way back in the 5th grade.   Terry and his wife Lorraine and three children Luke, Anna and Ellie are from England and are doing a lightning trip along the east coast of Australia and then off to New Zeland.

It is amazing just how much we take our local surroundings for granted and it is really quite difficult to know which of the so many lovely places that Brisbane and surrounds have to offer  to showcase to our visitors.

As we only had a few days Eileen and I decided that Tangalooma Resort being on our doorstep would be a logical place to show our visitors what our sand and beaches were like and then then next, Australia Zoo to view some of our native animals and finally a drive up the range to Montville for a lovely lunch and a look at some arts and crafts.

It proved to be a lovely sunny day and our first sighting of the resort was inspiring even though there were bush fires to the north and a lot of smoke was hanging around.   We decided to have lunch first followed by a short swim and an afternoon nap after which Luke, Anna, Ellie and I decided to go snorkeling of the wrecks - lots of fun, apart from hundreds of fish of all kinds we saw two sharks (harmless wobbygongs) and a sea turtle.  We came back exhausted (well I did)

Terry sleeping of lunch

We had to hang around till 6pm so that Lorraine and the kids could feed the Dolphins and while we waited we watched as the wild dolphins (all eight of them) came in from from the bay.   While we waited we saw several Sting Rays and watched the antics of the younger dolphins playing and catching fish.

So as the sun set in the West we boarded the flyer for the long journey home.

The next day we drove north to Australia Zoo for a leasurley stroll around the park to see the animals.   All this exercise, sun and fresh air was beginning to take its toll and we were all beginning to get just a little tired.


Hey!    Anna and Ellie, whatch out for those drop bears