Saturday, December 6, 2014

Burrum Heads.

We took a scenic drive today, Eileen wanted to visit the Drapers at Howard, it is called Van Cootes and is a little famous for its massive stock of quilting material and bits and bobs... anyway after spending an hour or so and willing our first grandchild Eileen came out with a lovely smile from ear to ear and a bag full of goodies.

And for the kind Ladies who asked for some pics of Eileen's Quilts, below is a sample of some of her work. Two are our first grandchildrens, the Oriental themed one is mine and the Victorian Ladies is a work in progress. Lots of hand sewing to finish this one or so I'm told.

As we had driven this far we decided to go the extra distance and drive out to Burrum Heads just to be able to say that we have been there.

Burrum Heads is formed by the junction of the mouths of the Burrum, Gregory, Isis and Cherwell rivers and forms a relatively large safe harbor with a narrow channel surrounded by sandbars to the sea.  Across the other side of the harbor is Woodgate where we are presently staying. 

The tide goes out quite a way and as I took Pepper for a walk we noticed that there were hundreds of Soldier Crabs running away from us and as we got closer they quickly buried themselves in the sand. Pepper was intrigued and just happy to chase them while silently above an Osprey quietly circled looking for something to eat... I think it realized that Pepper was a little too big.

Burrum Heads looking across to Woodgate.  After eating a healthy lunch of pies and cream buns washed down with a liberal quantity of coke we decided that Burrum Heads had little else to offer us and it was time to make tracks for home.