Friday, October 24, 2014


Well we arrived at Scarborough on the 2nd of October 2014 after a five full on weeks of work setting up the Rig, Van and our storage shed after my retirement from work at Carba-Tec.

Scarborough is a lovely seaside town and our camp site was across the road to the beach, a fact that Pepper enjoyed every morning and afternoon as she her daily constitutionals. We had 3 glorious weeks there of rest and unwinding as we waited for Eileens Specialist appointments. All appears ok at present and we have a reprieve till her next appointments 31st March 2015.

We managed a few short trips around the local area, in particular a trip to Deception Bay a place that held several memories from my childhood. (amazing the things that stick in your mind)

I had remembered a story about a Doctor having carved out a couple of baths for his wife who had some sort of ailment that required frequent bathing in the sea water.  More about this remarkable man can be read here...

I also remember chasing the tiny soldier crabs that dashed across the sand flats before burrowing into the sand and disappearing.

We found out that the solar panel that we purchased to power our freezer was completely inadequate, I also found out that finding out about Solar on the Internet was a veritable mine field so after a quick trip to Springers at Capalaba and $1100 bucks later we now have a fixed solar panel attached to the roof of the Tug and our freezer is at -6 and the batteries are holding up on a daily basis. A quick trip to Aldi and we have stocked it up with food to last a month.

At night we have taken to playing Scrabble and we are finding that it suits us to have our main meal at lunchtime and light snacks for tea.  We are already planning the next trip to Casino and Coffs Harbour to see one of Eileens school friends. This trip is really a test trip to see how the new Tug goes and weather I have set out the storage to my satisfaction.

So as the sun sets over the yard arms in the boat harbor here at Scarborough , we lay our heads down for the last night in anticipation of our drive tomorrow.