Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Woolgoolga - Dog Friendly and a Nice Place to Stay.

Eileen, Pepper and I are well rested now so we decided to do a little site seeing around the area.  First was a trip to Coffs Harbour which, I have to say, neither of us liked.  Definitely not pet friendly and, to be honest, just like any other busy town along the coast.  We are so happy now that we ran into the lady at Scarborough who advised us to stay at Woolgoolga as we feel much more at home here.

Looking across the lake to the park will give you a feel for the beauty of the area, just to the left of this photo and a short walk over the sand dune lies the bay and the headland.

The beach is quite level and the tide goes out a long way so the water is not very deep for a fair way out. Seems to be good for the Kite surfers and as I watched one the other day, I recon he went for about a hundred meters about 2 meters in the air,,, must have been a great feeling for him.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our morning and
late afternoon walks along this beach, although Pepper is in the bad books at the moment for being a little naughty yesterday.

We decided to let her off the leash and she took off straight into the sea and she would not come back when we called so Eileen and I just walked away and left her.

Boy you should have seen the look on her face as we disappeared out of site and she thought she was being left behind.... she was after us like a shot.

Late yesterday afternoon as we were heading out for our evening walk, I heard what sounded like
children screaming and I looked around to see what was going on.

To my surprise this little fellow was high in the tree calling out to mum and dad to 'feed me'.

It is a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo,  beautiful colours and quite large.

 That same evening as we came close to our camp spot, these two fellows were quietly feeding on the lush grass of the park.

They were not frightened of us at all.  Although Pepper wanted badly to go and play with them, they just kept a wary eye out for her and kept on eating.

Across from the park and along the side of the lake is an area of wetlands covered with large paper bark trees which were absolutely teeming with bats.  I don't know where they go at night but I highly suspect they visit the Banana Plantations which this area is quite famous for.

After our visit to Coffs Harbour we decided to drive into the hinterland to Nana Glen.  The drive immediately reminded me of the Montville/Malaney area and when we stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat, I asked the waiter if many bikes came up this way. He smiled and said on weekends there were hundreds.  I could see why... lots of corners.