Saturday, June 25, 2011


When Eileen and I decided to sell up and travel, the most difficult decision that I had to make was to sell off my Bonsai collection of over 150 trees.   I was able to rationalise this by taking a couple of my little starters with us.

I took a small sem-cascade Fig and a small formal upright Fig and this little Sao-to-me Azalea.   When we arrived at our first camp site, I was devistated to find that something had fallen on this little one and broken the apex.

With lots of time on my side, I created a new leader in order to form a new apex and am happy to report that this one is well on its way to becomming a fine bonsai.

This spring I will repot and change the potted angle a little and expose a bit more of the nice root structure