Saturday, December 14, 2013

Building the Tray - Part 2

As I am still working full time at present, I only get the weekends to work on our project which is not such a bad thing as I get the week to go over what I have done and plan the next steps.

This weekend I finished the drilling of the fishplates for the Hitch (photo in previous post).  While it may not sound difficult, drilling 16mm or 5/8 holes in 10mm plate and then lining up and drilling corresponding holes in the chassis was quite a feat given that I only had a power drill with a 13mm bit and a rat tale file.

Next I decided to build the exterior shape of the body work using 25mm square section 1.6mm thick.  I used 36 metres of steel to do this - you wonder where it goes.

Back to the steel merchants to purchase more square section ready for Part 3.

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