Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Work Has Begun

Huge day today, shortened the chassis by a meter and cut the 100 x 50 x 4mm 'C' section for the subframe. This subframe is going to be the base of the box that is going to hold the gear that should make our travel a lot more comfortable. Size is 1600 long by 2000 wide and 1870 high and will be divided into  compartments.

I ordered the accordion rubber gasket from America this week. This will be inserted in place of the rear window of the cab and the top compartment of the box. This will be the home for Pepper.

In order to comply with our ADR's, I had to cut and fit two lengths of 100 x 75 x 10mm angle fishplates to the chassis rails. Each fishplate had to be drilled to accommodate 6 x 16mm hightensile bolts with nylock lock nuts.  The angle was 20mm above the chassis rails and again drilled to suit the 'Highjacker' slider hitch.

Next week I need to get the 1200 x 2400 x 3mm steel plate which will form the tray, folded up.  I also need to have two lengths of 1200 x 460 x 1.6mm steel rolled to create the rear wheel arches.

More to come and photos to follow.

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