Saturday, March 29, 2014

Building the Tray - Part 8

When not qualified in a particular trade (in this case sheet metal work) it is difficult to calculate just how long a task will take.  To date, I have spent around 50 hours measuring, cutting, bending, welding, fitting locks and hinges to 14 storage locker doors and at last the tray is all but ready for the next stage.... Paint.

I must say, I will be so glad to get rid of the surface rust but I know that there is still a lot of  preparation to do underneath in places that I could not get to while the tray is on the truck.

Next week end I will work on removing the tray from the truck so that I can do the welding that I could not reach.  I have to go to the Paint Shop to look into what type of primers and paint to use.  Looking forward to this stage of the process.

Moore to come......