Monday, April 21, 2014

Building the Tray - Part 9

Well I took a week of work leading up to Easter weekend in the hope that I could get the tray painted.... Beginning with the removal of the tray from the truck and setting it up under cover, the work began as the sky opened up and the rain started.
I must admit here that my estimation as to the amount of time it would take to prepare the bare steel just to apply some etch primer was terribly underestimated...due mostly to the amount of surface rust that the previous rain had caused.

This has been my schedule so far.
Saturday    Prepare rear guards and panels and sand rust from rear section  11hrs.
Sunday       Prepare roof panels and bin surrounds.                                               10hrs
Monday      Weld seams under that could not be reached on truck, grind and
                      derust with deoxit and metho with a scour pad                                 11.5hrs
Tuesday      Cover all joins with seamseal and brush proofcoat under entire
                      underbody.                                                                                   10hrs
Wednesday  Derust and seamseal the 4 rear bin lockers                                        9hrs
Thursday      Derust and seamseal the LH front storage lockers                           11hrs
Friday           Derust and seamseal the RH front storage lockers                           11hrs
Saturday       Had to work this morning so took the afternoon off
Sunday         Derust exterior  roof, front and rear panels and Etch prime               10hrs
Monday       Derust doorsurrounds and Etch prime                                               4hrs

I have now run out of materials and am back to work tomorrow with another long weekend next weekend.

I hope to get the doors done next weekend.   This has been a mammoth task...not sure that I would attempt it all again.

Etch-primed ready for paint

De-rusted - seamsealed - Proofcoated

Bin de-rusted, seamsealed

Bin doors ready for preperation

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