Friday, June 12, 2009

In The Beginning......

It is not easy to explain exactly why Eileen and I have taken the path that we now travel, suffice to say that it was a combination of the effects of the World Financial Crisis, job dissatisfaction, high debit levels, health issues, getting older and not having had a great deal of time for 'us'.

It was Eileen who first planted the seed and it took me some time to understand that I was somehow trapped on this invisible tredmill of going to work to pay for all of those 'things' that we now find are mostely superficial and can be easily done without.

Having devoted much of my (and Eileens) time to 'The Business', it was a shock to finally realise that we had only had two actual hollidays over the last 18 years, both at Tangalooma and both thoroughly enjoyed with many promises to each other to 'do this again soon'.

We realise that we are not getting any younger (or healthier) and it did not take long, once we were on the same page, to realise that it was time for us to get out from behind the pressures that we had placed ourselves and have a look at a bit of the Big Paddock that is Australia.

Once we had made the decision to take this route, it was surprising just how quickly things eventuated. We placed the home on the market and sold it at the first open house, we sold (or gave away) all of the 'posessions' that we had accumulated throughout our lives, we closed the business down, cancelled all of our accounts (Phone, Power, Rates, Security, Internet) and paid out all of our debits and then went to the Brisbane Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show and purchased our new residence - a 24' Play More Drifter fifth wheel van with slide out in the living room and a Holden Rodeo Crew Cab 4x4 to tow it with.