Friday, June 12, 2009

Tweed Heads River Retreat. 12th June 2009

We took delivery of our new home and set up camp at the Tweed Heads River Retreat caravan park situated on the bank of the Terranora Lake.

Talk about steep learning curve for the first week or so as we discovered all of those little things that are required in order to 'set up' that we did not have. It was all fun while we rose to the challenge and I'm sure Bunnings for one were very happy that we decided to make Tweed Heads our new temporary home.

I must say that our first night was very plesant and both Eileen and I slept well in our new bed as did Pepper in her beanbag in the living room which she has made her home. Pepper got us up early and we went for a short walk along the bank of the lake - very peaceful at 7am in the morning and the smell is clean and clear.

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