Friday, June 26, 2009

When a Van is a Home......

Eileen has almost finally converted the van into our home and I have to say that it is nice to have some of the memories around.

It is surprising just how comfortable such a confined area can be when it is just the two of us and we are both happy that we chose this lay out with the slide out and head height. The recliners are very comfortable and I find that I can sleep in them just as easily as I did at home.

The table not being in a fixed position allows us to push it up against the front wall while we only need the use of two chairs. We will move it back when we entertain guests...... hint hint.

While the absence of an oven was originally a concern to Eileen, we have found that between the webber BBQ and the Cookwell that we have purchased, we may well save the $800 required to install one.

The Kitchen is fairly well layed out and the fridge is more than adequate for our needs, I have made a couple of moderations to two of the cupboards to give us a little more useable space.

The front loader washing machine is located under the sink next to the entry door and I fear that I may have to do some modifications to the plumbing as it is fitted into the galley gray tank and we occasionally get a bit of odour from the vent.

The Dining and Entertaining area could not be better and there is ample storage for those things that we seem to need like, DVD's, Books, Cameras, Alcohol and Puppies toys and tid bits.

We had a little difficulty with the DVD player and to their credit PlayMore sent us another DVD player which I had wired in to the back of the Jensen and we have since found that we can play some DVD's on the old one (different regions).

The Jensen has speakers outside in the Annexe area so we can listen to music while relaxing in the cool in the evenings.

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