Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day Eight......... 1770 and Agnes Waters

We woke early to get on the road because we had a long drive, it was sad to leave Woodgate it was such a nice place.

Jon gave me the camera and told me to take photo's on the way, most of them were terrible ha! but some have come out okay.

We are continually amazed by the number of  Motorhomes, Caravans and Camper trailers of all different types that we pass going in all different directions as people move around this lovely land of ours.  So many of the Caravan Parks we see are booked out.

The trip was a total of 375klms and the main Bruce Highway (Our Highway One) is as rough as guts and nothing short of a disgrace to our Governments (both State and Federal).  I will admit to the fact that police presence is high along the way, it is a shame that the money invested in this presence is not invested in better roads.

At one road house there were 4 marked police vehicles and two unmarked police vehicles along with 15 or so police...... How much a week would this cost?

It is amazing to see the Great Dividing Range running as far as you can see along the horizon, unfortunately photos just don't do it justice.   As we head inland we have to drive over this.

We arrived at Kangaroo Country Tourist Park at 3.00pm it is is very country with friendly people, Jon is getting better at reversing the van into the site and we are getting very good at putting the Annexe up, it only took us 1/2 hour this time.

Tomorrow we are going to drive back down the highway to .....

We are going to catch with some friends who are managing a Caravan Site there.


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