Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Thirteen.....

Arose in the morning to 5 degree temp (bloddy freezing) and although I wanted to sleep in, Pepper was having none of it and after jumping all over me, I decided that I had better get out of bed and take her for her morning walk.

After breakfast Eileen and I decided to have a go at this fossicking deal, so as advised by the locals, we drove out to Pats Place and purchased a bucket of dirt and began our search.

Eileen gives out a shout "Look darling we can retire now!" at which I rush over to see that it is just another stone.... keep looking sweetie...

This is me washing the stones so that we can see if we have any precious ones....ha ha

To be totally honest we did find a few but will have to keep working for a while yet.

We noticed a lot of residents walking around the park staring at the road this morning and upon asking what they were looking for, I was advised that one of the guests had found a 16carot blue sapphire that morning. (the road had been surfaced with tailings from the dig and this one had been missed)

After such tiring work, we had a rest in the afternoon and I went over to the Happy Hour later and met a nice German couple and had a chat while listening to some great old timer music.

I think that the sign over the shed says it all

"No strangers here....
Just friends you haven't met .."