Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Trip

For the next four weeks Eileen and I are going to cover a fair section of Central Queensland.

Follow us on the map.  
Our first stop is Rainbow Beach (near Tin Can Bay) where we will stay for 3 nights. 

Next stop is a little further north at a little town called Woodgate.   We have heard good reports about this place and are staying 4 nights here.

From here it's on to a place called Midgee just outside Rockhampton.  The reason for this town is that there are no dog friendly sites in Rocky (poor form, however they are not on their own in this regard.  It appears that dogs are only welcome west of the Great Divide, the coastal towns are so far up themselves and have very poor town planning laws and litigous laywers.)  4 nights here so we can have a look around.

On to Sapphire where we will spend 5 nights and hope to make our fortune prospecting.. Ha! ha!

The next leg is our longest at 400klms to Longreach where we want to visit the Stockmans Hall of Fame and the Quantas Museum.  We spend 5 nights here also during which time we will day trip to Winton to have a look at the Dinosaur remains.

Heading home on the downward track to Tambo for 3 nights.

Charleville for 3 nights

Roma 1 night and

Miles for 3 nights and then home to Brissy.

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