Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day One

Very excited and got up early to walk puppy and do the final pack up.  It still took a while to complete the few tasks that we couldn't do until we were ready to go and it was around 9.15 am when Dave came over to say farewell, so we got him to take the first official photo of our trip.

The trip to Rainbow Beach was generally uneventful and apart from one stop for fuel at Yandina we made the 242K trip in 3hrs and 45mins including the comfort stop. The van tows very well and is most comfortable between 80 and 100kph.

Parking the van on the site was a little difficult as the road was very narrow and there was a tree that I had to negotiate around, anyway with a few forward and backs we finally had it parked and ready to connect to power, water and waste.

We had a short walk down to the beach to have a look around.   Pepper is very excited and wants to go for a swim.

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