Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Seventeen......Sapphire

It was with a degree of sadness that we said our farewells to the friends we have made here in Sapphire and packed up for the next leg of our journey.

Longreach with an overnight stop at the town of Jericho.  In hindsight we could have done it in one day but it would have been a big day and there really is no rush.

Filled up with diesel at $1.58.9 a litre (that hurt)

The road is as straight as far as the eye can see and rises to 553 meters above see level, at one point it was down to second gear but the beast did us proud.

Road trains out this way are 53meters long and have three dogs, so not much passing done, by us at least....

Eileen says hi! to family and friends at one of our comfort stops at a toilet block in the middle of
nowhere. (and spotlessly clean to boot)

Arrived at Jericho show Ground around 12 noon and set up a quick camp.

Eileen set up to make cauliflower cheese and chicken for lunch/tea so Dad promptly decided on a quick nap in his chair while Pepper lay guard.

Don't you dare touch my Dad!!!