Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Ninteen.....

Yesterday we had set up our site next door to another fifth wheel, we thought that ours was comfortable but this one weighed in at just over 6 tonne (twice our weight) and was pulled by a Chevy Silverado 6.5 litre V8 diesel (economy was 25litres to the 100k).

We had a chat and said farewell as they pulled out today....  Nice couple have spent the last two years on the road.

After we set up yesterday we took Pepper for an evening stroll and saw these two Brolgas having a dance.  They truly are an amazing bird and their antics are interesting to witness.

Today I was going to spend on my own at the Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame as Eileen wanted to clean and cook as well as look after puppy because she knew that I was most interested in this part of our trip....(she is a gem).

I love the history of the bush and find it utterly fascinating reading about the hardships that our pioneers had to persevere.

Twenty years ago I last visited this museum of history and I have to admit to a little dissapointment as to the ongoing work of the trustees of this wonderful place.... very little has changed and there are few, if any, new additions to the complex as well as unfortunately some broken exibits. (talk about resting on ones laurels).

They should take a lesson from one of their own exibits.....

Good, Better, Best
Never let it rest
Till Good is Better
And Better is Best 

The grounds are splendid and the interior is kept at a constant cool temperature in order to preserve many of the artifacts.   I spent a wonderful contemplative five hours lost in wonderment and marvelling at the resiliance of so many of the people who not only survived the hardships of the droughts, the wars and the depression but continued to survive and even in some cases mass vast fortunes

We just can't comprehend and don't understand the meaning of 'Doing it tough'.....

Day Ninteen Part Two...... Interesting Perspective

And here is a photo of the Homestead and surrounds......

All that in the middle of nowhere and the closest neighbour hundreds of miles away.

The story of the Kidman Family is equally interesting....

The red dots on the following map represent the land holdings that the Kidman Empire owned.... Most people today haven't seen as much of Australia as he owned..... Thats incredible....

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