Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day Thirtyone......

We decided that we could not spend another night at the Miles caravan park and thought that we would spend another night free camping while spliting our last leg of 339k into two smaller trips.  We thought that Helidon was as good a place as any and set off.

We are constantly amazed at the differing landscapes that we have seen as we have completed this circuit and have noted that as we approach the coast the land is becoming much more firtile.

We had a short lunch stop at Dalby and headed on for Toowoomba and Cunninghams Gap...

I have to admit to having been aprehensive about this range and my fears were not exactly unfounded.  I do believe that Eileen kept her eyes shut for the complete crossing, I think that I did as well.... no just kidding but it was hairy and I'm glad that we had the breaks serviced prior to leaving.
It's not hard to see how the Semis have accidents here.

By the time we had reached the bottom of the range, I wasn't exactly looking forward to setting up camp at Helidon so we decided to push on for home.   I was not familia with the new highway and we were starting to run low on fuel so when we saw a sign for Esk (42k) we thought that this might be our better option.   Boy how Esk has grown since I was last there.   Eileen and I have agreed that we would like to return for a  trip in the daylight.