Friday, August 5, 2011

Day Twentythree......

After five nights at the Longreach Discovery Caravan Park (reportedly the largest in Australia), we are very happy to be packing up and moving on.... can not recommend this park and would not stay here again.

A little bitch....  This park has around 400 sites and charges $40 per couple per night most people seem to only stay one or two nights so there is a mass exodus each morning and a continuous daily influx of new vans, trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheelers and cars using the many cabins of various size and style.  Assuming that the park is only half booked (certainly not the case during our stay), the income would be approximately $8,000 a night or just under $3 million a year.  Not sure on staff levels, but only saw 3 ladies at book in and 2 groundsmen so wages do not appear to be an issue.  So whats my bitch you might say?  Here they are....

First.  Appreciating the fact that water is a precious commodity in the outback, perhaps there may be an excuse for the fact that the park is a complete dust bowl.... but is there?  there is nowhere for the vans to discharge the waste run off of the precious water that they do use.... surely there is a case for collecting this water and using it on the grounds and planting some trees and shrubs and a bit of grass.

Second.   Very few sites had a slab or even a level area for an annexe.  Due to people letting their waste water run wherever.   There were bogs all over the place.

Third.   Unlike most of the parks that we have been to, there was no one to show you to your site and make sure that you were parked and the girls in the office did not seem to worry about what sort or size van you had and had little idea as to what would fit where.  Chaos!

Have just discovered that the Managers have a list of work that they wish to do including sealing the roads inside the park but the Owners (Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd) don't want to spend any money. I wonder what their other 3 parks are like.... guess we will never know as we won't be staying at any of them.

Rant over....

In comparison we arrived in Tambo this afternoon at the Tambo Mill Motel and Caravan Park and reception was great with the Owner taking us to our site and making sure that we were settled and had everything we needed.  Here is a photo of our site, we were parked under this magnificent Boab which had this plaque under it.... Touching and nice....

The road in is third world as is much of this seemingly forgotten outback road system and I was reminded of this little sticker that I saw

An example of this totaly inadequate road system, we were stuck behing an old car towing a van between Longreach and Barcaldin and he was flat out at 80kph in a 110k zone.  Now appreciating that he had every right to travel at his pace, the problem was that we did not have the power to be able to pass him with safety so were stuck at his speed for 60k and by the time we pulled into Barcaldin there was a string of 6 vans.  I have two issues with this event

1. I can't believe that in the 100k between towns the Council (read Government) has not supplied one overtaking lane. 

and 2. I feel so sorry for the truck drivers who must take their lives in their own hands on a dail basis as they contend with this rediculuous lack of forsight as they go about their daily job.

I wonder how long us City folk would last before revolting against our Government leaders.... and now they want a High Speed Train to service the shoreline huggers... give me a break, lets get the roads right first.   We simply must eradicate this 'I'm all right jack' attitude that has crept into our Australia.... Perhaps we need another World War - dare I say it.

Must close now, have woken up with a dose of the erks.....

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