Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Thirtytwo......

Buggar......( At least half of them are stuck on the front of the van.)   We are home after a glorious trip of some 3,900k around Central Queensland.

Those people who know us or are close to us will know that Eileen and I have not had many holidays away in our twenty years together.   I can only blame myself for that, poor decisions, self employment and ruts that we dig for ourselves, I can only hope and pray that we can jam as many of the great experiences that we have had over the last 32 days into the next twenty years and make up for it.

Have just spent the day cleaning the van inside and out and setting up our home for the next year so we save and plan our next foray into Australia's outback.

A big thanks to all of you who have been following our blog and for all of the lovely comments that you have given us, we have enjoyed sharing this trip with you and hope that in some way we may have encouraged some of you to experience the beauty and splendor that is 'our backyard'.

p.s.   I will continue to update this blog (although not on a daily basis) with events and the things that help to shape our lives......please stay tuned.