Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Thirty......Miles

Talk about chalk and cheese... I really must start to listen to Eileen's premonitions.   Eileen had made all of the reservations for the various caravan parks and she had said to me that the only one she was not happy about was the one at Miles..... Her feelings proved justified.

We awoke early at the Weir, took puppy for her walk and arrived at Miles around 12 noon, when we saw the caravan park neither of us were happy with the appearance, but having booked and paid for three nights we figured that we might as well set up camp.   Parked next to a 29 ft Travel Home fifth wheel and a Bus.  Had a look around the town and stocked up on bread, milk and other necessities and went home to have tea and settle down for the night.  What with one thing or the other we both had a fitful nights sleep and woke up still tired.   The park is right on the main road and trucks were constantly stopping and going by and to top it off sometime around midnight a group of drunken noisy kids decided to have a blue in the street out front.  I didn't sleep well from then on, keeping one ear open in case they decided to knock our table chairs and BBQ off.

 On the other hand the Miles Historic Village is absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed our visit and would definitely go back again. The Lapidary section was very interesting, and you could spend a lot of time there.