Sunday, August 7, 2011

Days Twentyfour and Twentyfive.....Tambo

Tambo located on the banks of the Barcoo River was established in 1863.   It is reported to be the oldest town in Central Queensland.

In 1846 Sir Thomas Mitchell, during his fourth expedition,explored this area looking for a great river flowing north-west when he discovered the Barcoo River (which he called The Victoria) near Isisford.

A Biography of this man can be read here

Eileen and I are very impressed with this small town with a population of around 350.   There is quite a bit to see and it is perhaps the cleanest town we have seen in our travels thus far.

Today we took a pleasant two hour stroll along the Coolibah Walk and this afternoon along main street to the lake where the bird life is nothing short of spectacular.  Here are a few photos of the things that we saw along the way.

A Kingfisher looking for breakfast in the Barcoo

A graceful Red River Gum overhangs the Barcoo

Tambo Post Office

Tambo Town Hall

I took these photos off a plaque outside the old Town Hall.  They depict the western escarpment of the Carnarvan National Park and are situated a short distance east of Tambo.  This is one place we would very much like to see but could not fit in this trip.... perhaps next year.

So as the sun sets in the west and we lay our heads down to sleep tonight, it is with fond memories of this beautiful town that we know we will revisit sometime soon.