Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Twentyseven.......

Bailey Bar Caravan Park - Charleville

Although somewhat higly-pigly in the way they locate the vans, it seem to work and everyone is very friendly.  Have run into a couple, Col and Jocelyn, who we met earlier at Tambo, they have a motor home and also come from Brisbane.  They have a unit in SouthbankApartments and Col is also an x-real estate agent.  They have been four years on the road and we have shared our favourite spots and likes and dislikes with them.

Drove into town today to get some supplies and have a look around.  Big town, sprawling and not as well loved as Tambo.

When we took puppy for her walk we saw (heard first) a large group of Galah's sitting on the power lines, they were squawking and flapping their wings and doing lots of antics like hanging upside down from the wires.

On the way home we also noticed that the park was doing a Lamb on the Spit with apple crumble and billy tea so we booked a couple of seats.  The tea was top shelf and the company great - we had a good time after which went home to fill out the Census Form.

I noticed a couple of motorcycles camped nearby so went over for a chat and to find out where they were heading. 
 I met Tommo and Bevan and their partners who had come from Brisbane (ironically, very close to home).
They said that their goal was for an eight week trip around Australia with emphasis on Western Australia, but their plans had come somewhat unstuck as Tommo had damaged the swingarm on his trailer and they were waiting for a replacement to come from Brisbane.  Bevan did a neat fiberglass repair job on the trailer body while they were waiting for the parts. 
Riding 1800cc Honda GoldWings with trailers, I have to admit to being a little envious but as the temperatures droped to o degrees I was happy to have the comfort that we had.... perhaps a few years ago....
I wish them luck and will follow their trip with interest on their website.